Close The Loop

APOTECA USA - Advanced Robotic Chemotherapy Compounding

Close The Loop

The next generation of robotic chemotherapy compounding.

Close the loop on hazardous compounding.

Automated, Closed Loop Compounding:

1.  Uses proven interface technology that serves in the role of closing the back-end loop.  No longer rely on humans to read and interpret.

2.  Eliminates all transcription via the interface.

3.  Automatically and correctly performs calculations necessary for intended dosing.

4.  Positively identifies drugs, eliminating the opportunity for wrong drug/wrong diluent/wrong container errors.

5.  Measures accurately, then double-checks all measurements and documents them automatically and consistently.

6.  Does exactly what it is programmed to do, every time in support of operator and patient safety.

7.  Checks all elements of the compounding process and documents the checks accurately, every time.

8.  Assists with workload management by intelligently sequencing dose production to enhance speed and mitigate resource consumption.

Improve Medication Utilization

Drug resource stewardship is critically important as we continue to face rising cost and drug shortages.  It can be very difficult in a manual compounding system to manage partial vials and feel confident in managing beyond-use dating requirements.

i.     Apoteca provides a proven system for monitoring the status of any opened or unopened vial.  The software tracks each vial and will only use it if it falls into acceptable parameters (user defined).

ii.     Apoteca segregates partial vials on unique holding stations and is not subject to human errors or contamination that can result from attempting to “park” vials in an active human compounding area.

iii.     There is even a way to accurately manage vials, should they require removal from the robot and subsequent refrigeration.  The process may be safely reversed to re-introduce them, as needed, later on.

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